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Presently, I serve in both capacity as an endocrinologist and urologist. As one of the leading diabetes care specialist in the country, I have attended to several folks and celebrities with diabetes and blood sugar issues from various countries seeking consultations and treatment.
I firmly believe that most cases of Type 2 diabetes can be effectively treated using modern expertise. However, I am quite critical of metformin-based drugs, which are commonly prescribed but harmful. Elevated insulin levels caused by these drugs can lead to serious health issues, including oncological diseases, hypertension, and blood vessel clogging. Unfortunately, many doctors prioritize financial gain over their patients' well-being, leading to widespread use of these chemically aggressive drugs.
Metformin have been linked to many patients illness and untimely death. Metformin isn’t a good treatment and thus if your doctor prescribes it to you, please take my advice and run away from such a doctor immediately. Metformin increases blood insulin to critical levels and this causes your blood to become thick, just as condensed milk. When ingested in large quantities, it triggers the insulin to cause colossal harm to the body. Metformin has been known to literally impede the liver, kidneys, among other excretory organs.
Metformin has been linked to causing CANCER DEVELOPMENT IN 30% OF DIABETICS, as statistics show. Metformin has been linked to causing Hypertension in 98% of diabetics, gastrointestinal disorders, pressure surges, headaches, stuffy ears, and waves of fear, Cirrhosis of the liver, Kidney stones, Oncological diseases, and Early death as a result of destroyed blood vessels.
If metformin is dangerous, why is it used? Metformin can’t cure diabetes! Patients, out of ignorance do not know what consequences await them from the constant use of Metformin, and doctors do not care or find it necessary to talk about it.
HOWEVER, YOU MUST HAVE NEED TO TREAT DIABETES or blood sugar related issues, and as such - If forced to choose between treating it with metformin and not treating it, you would pick the first option. That's because Type 2 diabetes will kill you even earlier if left untreated.
If metformin is out of the question, what then is the best way to treat diabetes or blood sugar issues? Let me reiterate - based on personal experience, type 2 diabetes is quite complicated, life threatening and systemic disease. Diabetes or blood sugar issues affects the entire body, and as such, treatment must also be systemic.
It is INSUFFICIENT AND TOTALLY HARMFUL to just elevate your insulin levels and be done with it.. Treating diabetes or general blood sugar issues should be comprehensive and should be carried out only with drugs that, in addition to sugar level lowering, also ensures the safety of your entire body.
This is where GlucoBerry comes into the scene. Having carried out many case studies on Type 2 diabetes and all blood sugar related issues, including on myself, I can assuredly say you can be cured with the right treatment method, instead of metformin-based therapy. :

Do You Know?

Diabetes or Blood Sugar Related Issues doesn't care if you are young, old, male or female, white or colored.

It's a respecter of nobody.

Based on statistics, around 400 million people globally suffer from blood sugar or diabetes. And because of lack of proper care or treatment, this has led to more than a million deaths each year worldwide.

Blood sugar issues, Type 2 or diabetes in general, kills, since it has in its power, the whip that can damage organs such as the eyes and kidneys. It could also trigger complications that lead to heart diseases and nerve damages.

Blood sugar related issues could create complex situations that could leave its patients to go blind, cause amputation of feet or toes, and eventually even kill the person. IT'S TIME YOU STOP THIS UGLY LIFE THREATENING CONDITION.

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My name's Dr. Stevenson, an Australian medical doctor (endocrinologist & urologist) and vice president at MedicalsResearch Foundation.

I have suffered diabetes for 9 years, and for the most part of the period, I have been able to survive on abusing my body with Metformin and injections, while yet the underlying blood sugar condition persisted.

I have also tried a few products but without permanent remedy as I have always wanted.

My case and that of a few other acquaintances led me and my team to keep searching and experimenting with new products and vital ingredients.

In August 2022, we decided to research and dig into GlucoBerry since it was becoming popular among blood sugar patients and diabetes users, with several people and experts talking about it.

So we put GlucoBerry to test at MedicalsResearch.

I and a few other blood sugar patients/ diabetes sufferers would try it, and see if it works.

I and my research team had to take a further step to ascertain if the ingredients listed on GlucoBerry were actually used, and what were the negative and positive effects of the GlucoBerry ingredients.

Here's findings and GlucoBerry review after testing, on various case studies:

✓ From the very first month of taking GlucoBerry capsules, blood sugar spikes triggered by foods, fruits or drinks was totally stopped. And within 9 months of daily usage, blood sugar was completely normalized and I can reliably say that my type 2 diabetes has been healed. This is also the same results found in several other people in the case study / research.

✓ All of the many terrible symptoms such as Fatigue, Slow healing sores, Increased thirst, Frequent urination, Recurrent infections, Blurred vision, Nausea, Confusion, Headaches, among others, have all been taking care and stopped by the use of GlucoBerry.

✓ Out of 57 diabetic patients and volunteers on GlucoBerry case study test at Medicals Research Foundation, the entire 57 of us are able to testify of not having blood sugar spikes, normalized blood pressure, better insulin control, weight loss. Particularly, I experienced it cut down my cholesterol levels to normal.

✓✓ We found the GlucoBerry capsules contain traces of the entire GlucoBerry ingredients listed on its official website, and these sincerely help control blood sugar levels, and ensure better overall well-being.

 See Below, GlucoBerry ingredients available on test analysis: 

We found its Key ingredient which is the sacred BERRY available in the capsules.

We also found the following:

Biotin: We found Biotin, which is clinically known to help regulate the production of insulin, the hormone that helps in regulating blood sugar levels in men and women.

Gymnema Sylvestre: We found Gymnema Sylvestre, a herb extract used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, and clinically proven to treat a variety of ailments, especially diabetes. This GlucoBerry ingredient is highly beneficial for people with insulin resistance. It's the main ingredient responsible for controlling sugar cravings, promoting weight loss, healthy blood sugar levels and a healthy weight.

Chromium: We found Chromium in GlucoBerry and this is great for enhancing insulin sensitivity and regulating blood sugar levels. This GlucoBerry ingredient is key component for people with type 2 diabetes, as this helps to control and support healthy blood sugar levels, overall health and well-being.

Licorice Root: We found Licorice root ingredient in GlucoBerry. This herb has anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties - proven to help reduce inflammation and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It also promotes healthy blood flow.

Manganese: We found Manganese in GlucoBerry and this is proven to help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels, providing overall health and well-being. It works to protect the pancreas from damage, a vital body organ responsible for producing insulin.

Cinnamon: We found Cinnamon ingredient trace in GlucoBerry and this is proven to contain polyphenols, an active compound with anti-diabetic properties. Cinnamon anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help reduce and normalize blood sugar levels.

Juniper Berries: We found Juniper berries ingredient trace in GlucoBerry, with anti-diabetic properties and proven to help take care of diabetes and poor blood circulation. This GlucoBerry ingredient helps boost immune system, normalize blood sugar level and overall well-being.

Zinc: We found Zinc ingredient trace in GlucoBerry and this is proven to help boost immune system, heal wounds quickly, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. When zinc is low in the body, the pancreas suffers and as a result triggers high blood sugar levels, and increased risk of having type 2 diabetes.

People Ask:

Will GlucoBerry work for you?
Our word is our bond at Medicals Research Foundation. In this regard, YES, GlucoBerry will work for you if you take it daily as prescribed. 
What are the disadvantages of high blood sugar?
There are numerous disadvantages of being diabetic but we will mention a few popular conditions including disrupting the body's organs function, causing damage to kidneys, eyes, feet, gums, and nerves.
It also leads to strokes and heart attacks.
Can Blood Sugar be Reversed with GlucoBerry?
Based on MedicalsResearch findings, we can boldly attest that YES GlucoBerry can help reverse blood sugar to normal in majority of cases. Simply take one capsule of GlucoBerry daily and it will definitely do its work to help restore your health and well-being.
What are GlucoBerry negative side effects?
In our research, we found that GlucoBerry has no trace of any harmful substances or chemicals. It's all organically made, and great for those who want to boost their overall health and well-being. There are no negative side effects, as none of the case study participants mentioned any.
Is GlucoBerry for High Blood Sugar legitimate?
There are floods of people who have used and are using GlucoBerry to overcome high blood sugar / diabetes. Glucoberry reviews from different continents show that Glucoberry is hundred percent legitimate.

How can I take GlucoBerry capsules?

Simply take one capsule of GlucoBerry daily, best in the morning or before your bedtime as this will help you sleep better while it works in progress - treating and normalizing your blood sugar.

How good is GlucoBerry for blood sugar/diabetes?

In one line sentence, it's the best we have researched on.

Any GlucoBerry Negative Reviews?

Glucoberry reviews and complaints: There are no negative side effects, as none of the case study participants mentioned any.

How and Where to Buy Glucoberry?

It originally ships from the United States to other locations worldwide and You can only get original Glucoberry packs at the manufacturer official product page. It would be at buyers risk to buy fake Glucoberry imitation packs flying all over several Glucoberry reviews sites and videos. If you want to get GlucoBerry in U.S.A, GlucoBerry in Canada, GlucoBerry in United Kingdom, GlucoBerry in Australia, or anywhere else across the globe, then VISIT GlucoBerry Official Website. 


GlucoBerry Quantity Per Container:

Each GlucoBerry bottle comes with 30 capsules to last a month supply. Glucoberry Price: Pricing starts at $59 per container, with lots of added bonuses and huge discounts on bulk orders.

✓ One Month supply at $59 per pack,

✓ 3 Months supply at $49 per pack,

✓  6 Months supply at $39 per pack,

Available only on Glucoberry Official Website.    GlucoBerry has hundred percent organic ingredients and is manufactured with high Quality Standards in a FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

Glucoberry tablets are totally free from artificial materials or harmful compounds and is free from GMOs.

You don't need any prescription to take Glucoberry.

Glucoberry Assurance: users are backed with 180-day money back guarantee, so nothing to worry about. If you find that GlucoBerry has not been helpful in anyway, you can enjoy this GlucoBerry warranty.

Who Should Not Take GlucoBerry? GlucoBerry has not been tested for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. At such we can not recommend for such women.


Thanks to the team of medical experts who formulated and made Glucoberry the answer to many diabetic patients prayers.

Please beware of GlucoBerry imitations as they are flying all over the net. Original GlucoBerry is not sold at Amazon or Walmart, or elsewhere other than we will let you know here. Start your journey today with a daily GlucoBerry capsule, and end your Blood Sugar Related Issues or Type 2 diabetes problems. Get the originals with 100 percent warranty and discount by visiting our office or on the GlucoBerry official website. GlucoBerry ships from the United States to various other parts of the world;

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